Chanchin Thar

Hriat zauna leh chanchin thar dahna hmun a ni. Zo thlangtlak run nena inkungkaih, nunphung leh rinna lam hawi pawh a hun mila dah a ni bawk.

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MCF, Malaysia hian kumin chu Good Friday Pathianbiak inkhawm KLBC Biak InAH chhun dar 12:-2:30 thleng hlim takin kan hmang.Public holiday a nih loh avangin hna chawlhsan thei an tam loh kan ring a.Inkhawm ban thingpui hmeh tur I-chia-kuai chhang pawh mi 60 vel tan chauh kan chah a. A hnuah kan chah belh leh. Tin, inkhawm tan a lo hun meuh chuan Sacrament no leh chhang pawh tih belh ngai khawpin  mipui inkhawm kan thahnem a, mi 121 lai kan tling thei kha a lawmawmin PathianThlarau Thianghlimin a mite min hip ngei a ni tih a hriat theih. He Good Friday hman dan danglam bikna pakhat chu Pathian be tura lo kal mipui tam zawkin thawmhnaw duma kan inthuam kha a ni. Pastor-in inkhawm a hruai a, Pathian thuchah sawiin Lalpa Zanriah Sacrament a buatsaih bawk. Zai hruaituten Pathian fakna leh biakna lam hawiin inkhawm mipui zai an hruai a. Hla sak a nung a, Pathian biak a hlimawm hle. Vultea a solo a, Daisy and C. Laldinthara(Kanan) ten " Min hre reng rawh" tih hla an sa. Mipuiin Halleluiah Chorus dingin kan han sak phei kha chuan thlarau a lam chhuak a, thinlung a fan a, keimahni theuhva Pathian Thlarau Thianghlim chu a che tak meuh a ni tih theihin  ban kan phar suau suau va, Pathian kan chawimawi a, Pastor nu, Sayama Dengthangi's kan inkhawm Pathian hnenah tawngtaiin a hlan. A ropui hle mai. Inkhawm banah quarterah Good  Friday thingpui ruai leh chhang buatsaih chu kan kilho. Kan hlimtlang hle.

Easter Sunday chu kan inkhawm hun pangngai zing dar 9 atangin zai hruaituten Pathian fakna leh biaknaah min hruai tan a. Pu Hmingthanga'n inkhawm a kaihruai. Hmangaihi, Din Dini leh Eden Thara ten malzai rawngbawlna an nei a, MCF Zaipawlin "Thlanah a lo awm a" tih hlamawi thiam takin an rem. Australia atanga lo zin, Laldinthari'n Pahtian rinngam a hlawkzia a nun tawnfiah ram atangin a sawi a, min chawm hle. Sermon hmain mipuiin ding chungin Halleluiah Chorus vawi hnih kan sa a, A manhla thei ngawt mai. MCF Pastorin "Lalpa ka hmu ta" tih thupui hmangin a sermon (Johana 20:1-20). Inkhawm mi 190 chuang kan ni. Inkhawm banah Easter Sunday lawmna theitui sem a ni.




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Vawiin Zofate kohhran siamthat leh turin kan rilru tih thar a pawimawh ber. (Rom. 12;1-3)

A realistic reconstruction for the future of the Churches in Myanmar lies at the repented realizationof her present life in digging out the actual-factual natures that her obsolete dignity, pretentious religiosity and self-centred tradition will be unreservedly filtered, deconstructed and buried in order to be newly re-emerged into a new, humble,sincere, simple, workably visionable, endlessly selfless, persevered, and ever-growingmentality acceptable to God who is her ultimate Owner.

Who will then go to dig out? Who will shoulder the tasks of filtering deconstruction, and burial? She/he who is clothed with unpretentious frankness, she/he who is filled with the spiritual justice of God in terms of meekness and love, and she/he who has lost cowardliness of un-confessed glory but maintained the unchanging brave heart will dig out, filter, deconstruct and bury the living dead systems and inhuman characteristics that in giving and dying theOwner of the Church will be solely adored and glorified.


Hruaitute hna

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Hruaitute hna pawimawh tak chu Singapore ram khawvel entawntlaka chawi chhotu Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew inpekna leh khawthlir-ah hian a hmuh theih ani.

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew hi inthlana an pawl a chakpui hnu lawkah Prime Minister nihna atangin a inhnukdawk a, CCTV-in June ni 12, 2005-a Lee an kawm tuma Lee-a thusawi hian an ram hmangaihna rilru dik tak a tarlang chiang hle awm e. A sawi dan ngai ngai hian dah mai ila: “My job really was to find my successors. I found them, they are there; their job is to find their successors. So there must be this continuous renewal of talented, dedicated, honest,able people who will do things not for themselves but for their people and for their country. If they can do that, they will carry on for another one generation and so it goes on. The moment that breaks, it’s gone.”



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